Checking in…

Just to say hey and that I am still here despite my lack of posting lately. I’ve been up to my eyebrows in university essays and have little time to write on here – but just to say I’m still around and that if anyone ever has any questions about gardening or cooking, I’m always happy to help and will reply to you!

Little garden update: due to uni/weather/life I haven’t been able to be in the garden that much 😥 which is very sad.

When I have managed to get over to the veg patch, I’ve been extending it (i.e. digging up grass) and moving raspberries in my attempt to stop overcrowding a poor cherry tree I’ve been neglecting. I’m hopefully going to move on to clearing the nettles out of the crab apple patch soon…

Mum has been weeding as little seedlings are starting to appear.

We are still harvesting garlic, finishing off small potatoes, Spanish cabbage and Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and Brukale, and we still have some celery and celeriac in the ground I really must get round to sorting out…

When we haven’t been in the veg patch, we’ve been helping my *a lot* stronger siblings clearing an overgrown part of the garden with the dream of getting some goats and sheep! We want Golden Guernseys at the moment. I’m still dreaming of cows, and horses, I feel like horse riding at the moment, or cuddling a donkey perhaps, but unfortunately we haven’t got enough land for that, seeing as I’ve dug up what was the field to make a veg patch… If anyone’s got an estate they want to give me for free, please don’t hesitate to call!!!

Hope all is well and that the cold will soon come to an end.

Happy gardening and blogging everyone.

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South East of England. Family owns pets: dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, kune kune pigs (not for eating) and bees (that we never get any honey from). I am vegetarian because I have never liked the taste or texture of meat but my family do eat it so I will be including meat recipes on this blog. I work in our vegetable garden alongside my mum. Our dream is to be self-sufficient. I hope that this blog inspires, informs and is found interesting for any readers. I will be discussing anything to do with gardening, growing, working on the land and food, including recipes as I go along. Please feel free to ask any questions relating to the blog.

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