This blog is dedicated to my family’s kitchen garden. I will be writing down hopefully useful or interesting information related to gardening as well as using the produce cultivated in the kitchen.

I am in my early twenties and live in the South-East of England (so any comments on the weather will be coming from this location). I am a keen gardner, writer and cook.

We keep lots of animals: the usual dog and cats but also chickens and cayuga ducks, kune kune pigs and bees. We don’t eat any of our own livestock – I am vegetarian but that is because I have always been a fussy eater and despised the taste and texture of meat. When my parents coaxed me to eat meat when I was little, the bacon had to be burnt, the sausages had to be Richmond ones (as far away from real meat as you can get) and the tuna had to be mashed with a lot of mayonnaise, pretty much just mayonnaise, not fish! My family still eat meat, just not our own animals and I don’t mind cooking it for other people so much therefore some recipes on this blog may include meat too. After all, this blog is for everyone to share and enjoy, whether they like gardening or cooking or just immersing themselves in the outdoor world.

Growing your own can be a challenging and time consuming experience but it is also incredibly calming and rewarding and I would never give it up. The pride I felt when I picked the first runner-beans I grew with my mum a couple of years ago is something everyone would love to feel.

I hope you are inspired to kneel in the dirt and make mud pies as that is pretty much what gardening is with the reward of watching the blossom grow on the trees into apples and the tiny green weed in the ground burst into a cabbage.


MyGardenSchool Online  Course: ‘Advanced Vegetable Growing and Self-Sufficiency’, October 2015