Update – 28th May 2018

Hello Blog, it has been a while.


Honestly, I’ve been really busy. Uni exam revision, foot injury and then a lot of catching up of work in the veg garden. Also… I’ve been writing a cooking book specially for gardeners who need a variety of recipes for homegrown surplus or gluts, and some fiction.


So… this week we have harvested our first baby broadbean pods, kale, parsley, radishes, oregano, chives, tree cabbage, swiss chard, lettuce, rocket, rhubarb… it is getting exciting! The harvesting has begun!

The potatoes are doing really well, so are the broadbeans. The runner beans and peas are hanging in there, the fruit trees are all starting to produce, some gorgeous roses are flowering and nearly everything is planted out except the pumpkins. Oh, and a lot of tomatoes and sweet potatoes for the greenhouse.

I found it really hard to get things to grow this year. The cold weather, the hot weather – so unpredictable. I’ve had a lot of failed germinations and then death by stress. Poor plants. Out of the billions of chickpeas I planted, two germinated, one died a week ago. I’m still heartbroken. Taking special care of the last one… Two spinaches germinated, and immediately bolted. My neighbours onions have bolted, one cucumber died in the greenhouse when we suddenly had a -2C. Crazy England.


Update: A little message

My updates and posts have been lacking on this blog lately. I blame it all on being a little too busy. I started an English lit. course at uni in September which means I don’t always have as much time as I would like to both garden and prepare posts for this blog.

Despite this being the case, I am still able to get over to my kitchen garden and to keep on cooking whenever I have the opportunity – homework and a little bit of lack of daylight ain’t stopping me from doing what I love!

Also – crazily, as I have just moaned about having not enough time to blog – I have started to set up a baking blog: Bella’s Baking.

It will be a blog I post on now and then (most definitely not setting myself the challenge of making it very regular at this point in time) but it will be a blog dedicated to all types of cooking in the kitchen, mostly baking, while I reserve this blog still for anything associated with the garden. Please, if you like cooking do care to look at Bella’s Baking when I have got it sorted. Any support for these blogs is really appreciated.


Thank you for your attention to this blog, all followers are adored. Isobel.

ps. We have identified our apple trees! Adams Parmain, Fiesta (Red Pippin) and Scrumptious.

Pear trees are: Louise, Bonne of Jersey

Plum trees: Early Transparent Gage, Old Greengage and Victoria

A few pickings from out veg garden: aubergine, ‘Scrumptious Apples’, potatoes, swede