My new book: A Growing Mind: the small book of gardening for eating disorders

Ok… so this is the explanation to why I was absent for a while this year.

I was in hospital for weight recovery for anorexia that I had been hosting for the last few years. I had hit what I call, rock bottom, and was more than desperate to end this nightmare. I saw my doctor and old psychiatrist from 2013 and was sent to hospital.

I went to three different hospitals during that time and learnt different things from each of them. Some experiences were awful and scarring, others made me the person I am right at this moment, a bit of a better person, hopefully.


Eating disorders are odd problems. When I was younger, I was taught that an eating disorder was someone who wanted to be thin so much that they starved themselves. I remember thinking ‘that’s vain’. I never ever considered that I would have one. I didn’t know that it could become an obsession, almost a religion, that it involved punishing yourself, feeling so guilty you want to rip your insides out, a way of distracting yourself from the rest of the world you don’t understand, a way of blocking out other pain because living in your head and body trumps all other external suffering.

It is very hard for people who have not had an eating disorder, or had to live with someone close with one, to actually be able to understand how difficult life can be with this illness.

I realised while I was in hospital that funnily enough, gardening had prepared me for the struggles I had ahead. It might sound odd, but it is true. I have explained it in more detail in the very short book.

My hope is that whoever is struggling with and eating disorder will read this book and will get something out of it. It might cure you, it might not, it might be somewhere in the middle. But when we have these illnesses, isn’t it great to try anything to see if it helps, just a little? I think any ease in the internal and physical pain is a relief once you actually have it.

Let me tell you, I was terrified of recovery. I still have ups and downs, but the difference is that the downs don’t destroy me anymore, I can still eat and not over-exercises and keep sane. It is always better once you are there. The climb of the mountain is rough, but the view is exquisite.

This book tackles other issues that come with the package with eating disorders but might be good for anyone else struggling with depression, control issues, anxiety, being sociable, insomnia or sleep issues, and people who just need to feel calm.

If you know anyone who this book might help, please offer it to them. I really want it to help someone like it helped me.

Here is the link again to the book on Amazon (I self-published it so made it as cheap as I could) :

Keep yourselves well. Lots of love.


Update: A little message

My updates and posts have been lacking on this blog lately. I blame it all on being a little too busy. I started an English lit. course at uni in September which means I don’t always have as much time as I would like to both garden and prepare posts for this blog.

Despite this being the case, I am still able to get over to my kitchen garden and to keep on cooking whenever I have the opportunity – homework and a little bit of lack of daylight ain’t stopping me from doing what I love!

Also – crazily, as I have just moaned about having not enough time to blog – I have started to set up a baking blog: Bella’s Baking.

It will be a blog I post on now and then (most definitely not setting myself the challenge of making it very regular at this point in time) but it will be a blog dedicated to all types of cooking in the kitchen, mostly baking, while I reserve this blog still for anything associated with the garden. Please, if you like cooking do care to look at Bella’s Baking when I have got it sorted. Any support for these blogs is really appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this blog, all followers are adored. Isobel.

ps. We have identified our apple trees! Adams Parmain, Fiesta (Red Pippin) and Scrumptious.

Pear trees are: Louise, Bonne of Jersey

Plum trees: Early Transparent Gage, Old Greengage and Victoria

A few pickings from out veg garden: aubergine, ‘Scrumptious Apples’, potatoes, swede